Аlexandr Rext

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genre: deep techno, micro house, deep house, dark house, etc.

Alexander Rext

Alexander - artist, musician, was born on the 23rd of January 1981, in Russia. Not only is he an artist, but also a multi-talented, atypical man. His works are full of life and emotion. There isn’t a particular artistic style by which Alex is bound. Each and every painting is guaranteed to bring You a sliver of happiness, along with a lasting moment of joy and refinement; or a simple sense of satisfaction and refinement. In the past few years, Alex’s work ahs been featured in a few exhibitions in Moscow.


 From the Deck of the Ship to Art Exhibitions. An Interview with Alex.

 Alex didn’t study for 7 years in Stroganovka (A Prestige Russian Art College), he isn’t a direct descendant of Salvador Dali and only has one year of artistic education in a school named after Petr Kotov, working a job completely unrelated to art. And yet, as you can see, that did not stop Alex one bit. He taught himself how to paint and draw and despite all these obstacles his work has been featured many exhibitions one of which is I the Krocus City Moll, in the gallery of ‘MIURA’ form ‘Flacon.’


How did you Journey as an Artist began?

In 2008, I was invited to an artistic group on the Odnoklasniki (A Russia Social Network) and now in VKontakte (Another Social Network). I became very interested in their works, I really enjoyed the company of these creative people. This idea inspired me to take a leap into the unknown, I knew that I wanted to become a professional artist. It all started when I began buying paint and canvas instead of something rather necessary like shoes.


Do you remember your First Painting?

My first painting was a present. It was called ‘I Love You,’ it was done using dark-grey tints along with very different bright, warm colours. I used mascara and aquarelle paint for it.


Which Artists do you get inspired by?

Personally, I love the works of Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Claude Monet.


What was your First Exhibition like?

It definitely felt like a breakthrough for me, even though it wasn’t show in the National Gallery, it definitely felt like it. It was in 2011 in the ‘Proekt Fabrica’ centre where ‘Artmol’ organized it.


Is it Hard to start from the Bottom?

It is obviously not easy. To this date, the Russian Union of Artists consists of more than 15,000 individuals. Some of their work have never been featured in a single exhibition. Some people buy their own works during auctions for advertisement. I also came across times where the new artists are asked to not put their names on the works. The culmination of all that shows that isn’t easy for new artists to rise to the hall of fame.


How much Time does each Painting take?

It’s hard to answer that, since it easy completely different each time. I tend to not write using oil, since it is an exquisite and long process. I always want to see the end result quickly. It doesn’t really work with my character.


What Inspires you to Paint?

If I was to pick one thing, it would probably be the music of Loscil, Biosphere, PFM. People think that their music is rather depressing and only evokes sad emotions. I don’t really feel the same. I live with this music. It allows me to be more focused, productive and creative. It completely separates me from reality and allows me to be along with my thoughts and ideas. Writing poems also helps with loosing all that negativity that built up inside over time.


Which Poems do you Prefer, if any?

I love to read experimental poems. It might be hard and tiring, but I still really derive from that. I am a big fan of reading the poems that my friends wrote to me and really anything that catches my eye.


Apart from Painting, do you have any other Hobbies?

In 2003, was the first time that I tried to write music using utilities like FLStudio and Logic Studio. It was obviously harder for me comparing to someone with musical education, I would always try to experiment with the sound as much as I could, or the computer allowed. It was often that I would experiment with different beats rather following a particular rhythmic pattern or algorithm. Now, I write music along with drawing and painting. If the ‘wave’ of inspiration hits me, I could be working on a single painting for weeks, but when it ends, I switch to writing music.


Apart from Paper, what else acts as your Canvas?

I sometimes get requests to do body-art, it usually ends up being a photo session. I use cream-paint that doesn’t have negative effects on the skin. Apart from that, I like painting using a topping (the eatable paint of dessert) on coffee. In 2006 I worked in an Italian café and I suddenly got an idea of drawing on top of plates for desserts, which was quickly admired by the clients in the café.


Do you have a Degree?

No, I don’t have a degree. I was studying to be a mechanic on a boat. I finished the gymnasium and went on to Caspian Industrial Fishery-Marine College. And then it hit me that I need to be moving in the direction of Arts and Creativity. I quit school and moved to Moscow, but I was not able to go to ‘Stroganovka.’ So, my artistic education ends on a year in a children’s art school named after Petr Kotov.


Do you have any friends from Stroganovka? Is there a difference between the techniques of professionals and yours?

I have a lot of friends who have an artistic education. I always feel how the look down on me. Educated and self-trained artists are two complete opposites. The educated have mastered their techniques and you can clearly spot their works in comparison. The problems is that they can’t draw without their ‘square’ templates.